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Multipurpose ALL-IN-ONE Printers from HP

HP needs no introduction; HP is a brand that produces printers, laptops, tablets, personal computers etc. When it comes to manufacturing world catering electronic devices worldwide it caters unparalleled and unmatched features and price point. HP provides a wide range of printers and scanners such as dot matrix printer, inkjet printers and multipurpose printers. Multipurpose all in one printer are the most advanced printers from HP which can handle every printing need of a user such as scanning, printing and also fax. HP printers are best when comes to providing support and services, Instant ink from HP is one of those services where a customer can take advantage of without any hassle. Instant ink service provides a great deal of relaxation to HP printer customers. You can avail instant ink service from HP at the time you bought your newest printer. It keeps track on ink usage on your printer and when it’s about to exhaust, HP provides doorstep delivery of fresh and original ink cartridges. Instant ink service saves time and hassle to get ink cartridges from the market.

HP printer showing offline

is the most common issue among printer users. Yes, it's very annoying when our printer stops responding or HP printer is offline all of a sudden. It can occur at any time due to various reasons, so if you want to get rid of it, keep reading. There is a procedure to know why HP printer is offline and you can check out the steps below to know and fix the problem accordingly.

Check one – Connection

The connection is very crucial when comes its electronic devices. Never connect your printer on a host network as this host network has added security features which hinder the connection between a computer and the HP printer or simply host network is not allowing the printer to connect and print. So it’s always advisable not to connect your HP printer on a host network.

Sometimes it’s the wireless connection which is preventing your printer to connect and print. To tackle this situation you can simply switch your wireless connection to USB or Ethernet. You can also check the HP printer’s user manual for reference you want to know there is no problem with the printer. If you are still having

HP printer offline

issues, you can connect to the HP printer to another computer system. An extra PC might come handy here as you can connect HP printer to the second PC and also install HP printer driver on the second PC while maintaining a connection on the same network. If the issue still exists then the printer is at the fault. To overcome this situation you need to connect HP printer customer support for technical assistance.

Check Two – Default Printer

To set HP printer you have as the default printer you have to press windows key on the keyboard and then click on Printer and devices. Now, click on the HP printer you have and select it as your default printer.

Check Three – Reset Printer

Resetting HP printer can solve many problems and it can resolve HP printer offline as well. Resetting a printer is simple you just have to follow simple guidelines. Keep your printer switched off and disconnect the power cord from the printer and then remove the power cord plug from the main power supply. Wait for a minute and then restart your personal computer. Reconnect the HP printer into the main power supply and then connect the cord to the printer as well. Switch on your HP printer and make sure your computer and the printer are connected to the same network. If the HP printer offline situation still exists then follow the steps given below.

Check Four – HP Printer Firmware Update

Updating HP printer firmware can fix many problems and can make the printing experience smooth and better. HP printer provides firmware update quite often so always update your HP printer firmware. Updating HP printer firmware can also fix HP printer offline issue and you can update directly from your printer or from the HP printer official website. Connect to our HP printer technical support to know more about HP printer firmware update.

Check Five – HP Printer Driver Update

Outdated HP printer driver can cause HP printer offline and to avoid this one must update HP printer drivers regularly. It very simple process all you have to do is go to Control Panel by clicking Windows Key on your keyboard. Click on the Devices and printers and check your default printer and then select Remove devices. Now, go to the HP printer official website and the software and drivers. Next, Type the printer model and press enter key. Select the operating system you are using and download the available drivers for your printer. Once the drivers installed in your system, your printer will start working smoothly without much hassle.


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